Products and Technologies

Our main research interest is the design and development of direct and selective chemical sensors, and related instrumentation. The major section of this activity is devoted to the design and synthesis of novel organic and organometallic compounds, the so-called carries, since they are the basis for the development of novel sensors.

The direct measurement of the analytes in real samples is of great importance to a wide variety of disciplines. These include the clinical chemistry, biochemistry, environmental, food and agricultural chemistry, as well as all chemical industries. In order to develop a novel selective and sensitive sensor for the in-situ or in-vivo measurement, it is mandatory to have the appropriate chemical compound that will perform the recognition of the analyte without interference from other similar species present in the solution.

Our initial studies in the early 80's suggested that organometallic coordinating centers are the most promising candidates for the development of selective anion carries. The metals of manganese, tin, nickel, cobalt and others have already been used for such proposes, with good results. Recently, the employment of Sn(IV)-based multidentate compounds specifically designed to incorporate the anion of orthophosphate have shown the bast selectivity towards this anion ever reported. We are currently optimizing this system for applications and industrial utilization.

At the same time, the design of nitrate and nitrite carriers is under investigation, based again on organometallic Lewis acids. The results of these activities are completed with real analysis performed with Flow Injection Analysis (F.I.A.) setups.

The transduction step is usually performed electrochemically, and in particularly potentiometrically, while the optical transduction is also been used in conjunction with novel Chromoionophores with good success.

Nitrate Sensor for the Direct and Continuous Monitoring of Nitrate in Waste Waters.A short Report