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We are a research laboratory at the University of Crete specializing in the area of the design of bio-sensors for the direct and in-vivo bio-chemical analysis, as well as evaluating the electrochemical characteristics of semiconductor nanostructures for catalytic and direct energy (hydrogen) production applications.  To achieve these goals we explore the unique physicochemical characteristics of novel nanomaterials, quantum structures, nanodots, nanorods, etc.  We place specific emphasis on the use of novel carbon materials (graphenes, nanotubes, nanofibers, nanodots) for both bio-chemical recognition, catalytic protein (enzyme) stabilization and signal transduction.  In addition the electrochemical characteristics of semiconductor quantum structures (Si, GaN, GaAs, InAs) in a planar of FET device arrangement are utilized for either sensor design, or photo electrochemical catalysis.  We have a fully equipped lab for synthesis, characterization, and application of a variety of nanostructures, including Micro-RAMAN, Micro-IR, Electrochemical SPM, SEM, HR-TEM, high frequency impedance analysis etc.


Main research interests


  • The development of nanosensors based on functional nanomaterials for increased sensitivity and lower power consumption.
  • The integration of optical and / or electrochemical nanosensors for simultaneous multi-parameter detection.
  • The immobilization of enzymes, proteins or ionophores with functional nanocavities and semiconductor nanostructures for increased strability and in-vivo applications.
  • The application of Nanosensors in Nanomedicine, Nano-electronics, Nanophotonics, Industrial, and Safety sectors