European grants

  • European Union Program NANOMYC Multiparametric detection of bio-molecule conjugated nanoparticles for the diagnostic investigation of mycobacterial infections of humans and animals,  Contract No. STREP 036812.
  • European Union Program SANTS Synthesis and Application of Nanostructured Tethered Silicates,  Contract No. STREP 0033254.
  • European Union Program GANANO New generation of GaN-based sensor arrays for nano- and pico-fluidic systems for fast and reliable biomedical testing, Contract No. STREP 505641-1.
  • European Union Biotechnology Program SAFEGARD Sensor Arrays for Environmental, Generic and Routine Detection of Pesticides, European Commission Research Contract No.QLK3-CT-2000-000481.
  • INTAS strategic scientific workshop, Development of Collaboratiove research in Instrumental Methods of Analysis for food quality and safety in the expanded European Union, Contract No. 04-86-959.
  • Human Capital and mobility "Multifunctional Organotin Compounds and Polymers as Precursors to Novel Materials and Applications" CHRX-CT 94-0610
  • ACTIVE "Bioanalytical Methods and Sensors"
  • BRITE/EURAM-program Consorted Action "Biosensor Stability"


National Grants

  • PENED: Development of biosensor microsystems for the remote monitoring of toxic substances (Code No. 03ED436).
  • SMARTDIAB: An insulin Infusion Intelligent System (Code No.YB/58).
  • Iraklitos: Nanostructure-based sensors and biosensors.
  • Pythagoras: Resonance Raman FTIR studies of the NO reduction to N2O by the cytochrome oxidoreductase ba3 from Thermus Thermophilus.
  • PRAXE: Creation of a spin-off company, with expertise in chemical sensor development, analytical method development and quality assurance (Code No. 01PRAXE152).
  • YPER:Development of direct detection systems based on selective chemical recognition (TEST STRIPS) (Code No. 97YP174).
  • YPER:Design and stabilization of sensors and biosensors for glucose and ethanol (Code No. 97YP219).
  • SYN: Development of a methodology for the detection and analysis of sugars and aminoacids using HPLC-PCD (Code No. 96SYN70)
  • COMPROMI:Determination of Humidity in Food Stuffs.
  • PAVE: Development of a Post Column Derivatization HPLC System, and Applications in Analytical Methodologies. (Code No. 96BE172).
  • EPET: Development of an FA System for the Monitoring of Ammonia in Sea Water.
  • YPER:Selective Ion Sensors for use in Continuous Measurements (Code No. 410).
  • PENED: Selective Chemical Gas Sensors (Code No. 212).